Play games, get badges, level up your music skills. 

Big Music Games is a radically new way to learn music. 

Brooklyn Music Factory

Proven game-based curriculum 

From our home to yours

Through Big Music Games we invite you to join our community of mindful, adventurous, and motivated families. Yup, you will soon be playing the games that thousands of like-minded families have been enjoying at the Brooklyn Music Factory for nearly ten years.  

Time to level up.

Sharpen your music skills while playing fun games. Big Music Games strengthen rhythm, melody, harmony and song form.

Earn badges, unlock new levels and games! 

Take the struggle out of practicing, and get the whole family involved! 

Join a growing group of families around the world that want an alternative to the traditional music lesson. 

Level up your musical knowledge. 

Big Music Games is a super fun way to learn music at home. 

At Big Music Games we have one goal: To give families around the world a chance to get engaged in making music with their kids. To give kids a simple, easy, and super effective learning tool that they and the parents will love to play.  

A Radically new way to learn music. 

Brooklyn Music Factory

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After that, subscriptions start at $4.95/month.

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