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Big Music Games

We help kids learn the language of music.

Powerful lessons in music through fun, simple games for kids ages 4-14  


Powerful and Fun Music Games

Take the struggle out of practicing with our interactive lessons

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What is Big Music Games?  

Big Music Games is a Web app for kids ages 4-14 to level up musical knowledge through proven games created by actual music teachers! Every game is designed by music teachers with years of experience in the classroom.

School Testimonials

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Music Man With A Van

Big music games has been a game changer in my private and group lessons. The students absolutely love the games, and it provides teachers with a creative approach to all the different fluencies of music that are often ignored.

In private and group lessons I use a different fluency each week that has become the glue that connects all my students together regardless of instrument or level.

I love leveling up each game.  With that approach a teacher is only limited by their own imagination and it gives students a chance to really let each fluency sink in.

I only wish I had discovered this approach earlier on. I will never be able to teach another class or lesson without this approach now that it has become part of the fabric in my music programs. 

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Williamsburg Music Lessons

Students love games. Period. So, adding this in to boost their skills is a no brainer.

I use them in several ways:
-To dig deeper with a concept they are working on in their lesson
-To make sure they are broadening their musicianship skills 
-To give them a choice when I think that's what they need. Are they struggling that week? Take a break, ask which video they want to do, and give them a "win".

Kids enjoy it. I believe this is the direction education is going, and I want to be a part of it.

It is so efficient to have something cued up and ready to go for your students! Previously I was spending time both in the lesson and outside of the lessons coming up with materials to supplement the lessons. Now that is done for me, and it's way more fun.

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Muzzin Music

My students really love games, and these are super fun and engaging. And I love how robust the pedagogy behind them is!

We use Big Music Games in group classes -- I use Piano Express, and we play these at the end of the Discovery class. I pair them with the three units of PX -- Unit 1 is rhythm games, Unit 2 is melody, and Unit 3 is harmony. Super simple way to make sure I'm hitting all three of our core competencies! (We don't do songwriting at our studio) .

I'm most surprised by how incredibly adaptable the games are. For Beat Detective, sometimes we clap, but sometimes we play chords/bass notes on the pianos, or I pass out handheld percussion, or we stomp. Maybe next I'll try having the bold ones sing the beats instead of chant! And I love using the youtube transpose function to move out of C position, with the more advanced listeners.

Coming to the weekly online training has been super useful for me -- I learn more about the games, but I'm also picking up really useful mindset tips. Hanging with other music educators is incredibly rewarding and useful! And it's at lunchtime, so it fits easily in my schedule. 

Take the struggle out of practicing. 

Put joy back into home practice. There's a reason it's called "playing"! 

big music games level up

Build a Strong Music Foundation Early Start learning music early as a language. Perfect for beginner and intermediate students! 

big music games level up

A Great Addition to Private Lessons Jumpstart music lessons and level up faster - on any instrument! 

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Earn Badges Collect BMG badges for each level.  

big music games level up

Up to 15 levels for each game Most games have 15 levels guiding students from 4 all the way up to age 14 (and beyond!)  

What Exactly Are Big Music Games ?

Watch them in action at Brooklyn Music Factory's Studios

Visit complete playlist

"It's really fun and you learn a few things about music, and it gets harder but it's super awesome."

- Willa, Age 8 

Make screen time fun AND educational.

Lots of families have limited screen time (ours sure do!) 

Big Music Games provides fun with a purpose. Seriously improve your child's musical language, passion for music and motivation to practice. 

Strong ears = Faster growth

From a 5 year old student that knows major chords from minor chords, to an 8 year old student who has mastered intervals up to a 5th and beyond, these games strengthen music fluency in a super fun way. 

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Level up in these 4 areas: 

  • Melody
  • Harmony 
  • Rhythm 
  • Songwriting
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Big music games wait a second
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big music games groove puzzler
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Strengthen your musical ears. 

A strong foundation in ear training and music theory guarantees a deeper understanding and engagement in music lessons.

big music games word beat

Strengthen your musical ears. 

A strong foundation in ear training and music theory guarantees 

a deeper understanding and engagement in music lessons. 

Your child (or student!) will thank you for giving them a fun first approach to music lessons.  

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Big Music Games

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Brooklyn Music Factory is a thought leader in game based ear training and music theory for kids ages 4-14. We love games and we are total music nerds that love to write original songs.

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At Brooklyn Music Factory, we offer an alternative to the typical lesson with a game based curriculum that inspires songwriting, and a community that supports every step of the learning process.

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